Charter Hire Guarantee

Here at Express Bus, we are proud of our service. We offer clients who charter point-to-point buses the following guarantee

One Minute Late And You Don’t Pay A Cent”

This guarantee is in place for all bookings who a) book at least two weeks in advance, and b) pay for your booking on the telephone on 01 8221122 at least two weeks in advance. This offer is for first time charter customers only. Please note, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with a promo code, or other discount.

You can get a bus hire quote now to avail of this offer on any of our minibus, midibus, coach or double decker hires.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am booking for a school, am I entitled to a refund?

Yes! If it’s your first time to use us and you have paid two week in advance, and didn’t use a promo code when booking.

I am an individual, am I entitled to a refund?

Yes, if you booked two week in advance and paid two week in advance, and didn’t use a promo code when booking.

We use your service every week can we claim a refund?

No. If you have availed of our discount scheme its invalidates the guarantee.

If I book you for my wedding and you are late, would I get a refund?


If I book a few trips, and some are on time, and others are late, would I get a full refund?

No, only for the journey or trip we were late for, and with the

How do I prove you were late?

All Express Bus coaches are fully GPS tracked and we can pinpoint them to with 1 metre and 30 seconds of where they should be.

I got a 10% discount on my booking from a staff member, can I get a refund?

No. any discount invalidates our refund policy.

How to claim under our guarantee

Contact our office by phone on 01 8221122 when the bus is late inform them of your booking being late. Your will receive a reference number which will validate your claim.


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